Well, where to start?  I was born in 1968 in Wandsworth, London to Keith and Ann Hardisty (nee Knill).  I grew up in Wimbledon, London for 16 years of my life and moved house several times after that until I moved to Anerley, London with my future wife Alison.  In May 2001 Alison and I got married and in December 2001, we moved to our own house in Beckenham, Kent.  In April of 2002, Ella arrived and has changed our lives totally.  Thankfully, both Alison and I have not been working since late December 2001 (Alison through redundancy and me through choice and a poor economic climate) and we have been enjoying every moment of our time with Ella since she arrived.  Lucy arrived with us in August 2005 and we later moved house in 2013 (still in Beckenham).

I started work as an Insurance broker and soon discovered computers, which I decided to turn my attention to early on and have never looked back.  I have worked in the IT industry for the last 30 years or so and have experience in many different areas - more recently, building this website which has grown over the last few months / years.  Thankfully I do not earn a living from building websites, otherwise I would be broke and eating bread and water every day!

Since discovering my 5th cousin, Ann Bell, the whole Hardisty / Hardesty Family has opened up from my meagre 450 people to over 9,000 (at the time of writing) and is growing slowly, sometimes quickly, on an almost daily basis.  Unfortunately, I am unable to help people much with research in the US, but hopefully my new-found family will be able to research and expand the tree further on that side of the pond.  I think she had some help from my 2nd cousin, Jenny Hardisty (nee Partridge) who has done a huge amount of research, so thanks to both of you for allowing me to display your hard work for all to share.

I am now in regular contact with people from Brussels, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and one day Canada.  No doubt there are more Hardisty's dotted around that have yet to surface in various locations throughout the world.

Best wishes to all who visit my site, family or otherwise.